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About Us

We believe that many mission statements contain washed out values, impersonal terminology, deliberately ambiguous and un-achievable goal setting and clichéd generalisms. That kind of sleepy corporate banter is not for us.

While recognizing that commercial success lies at the heart and soul of the interests of our suppliers, staff and customers, our ethos is about achieving differentiation and organic market growth through a driving compassion and passion for our people, for our environment and for our coffee.

Ultimately, our customers are rewarded in so many ways other than just a superb coffee or service!

Our goals are simple but strong. To trade fairly and responsibly with our valued South American suppliers and their communities. To develop with enjoyment and care outstanding coffee products. To nourish the environment by putting money, resources and long term commitment into rainforest preservation. To service and achieve successful long term relationships with our valued customers. To lead from the front in a new era of bio-sustainability. To feel good about what we do and to try and make a positive difference.

We believe that today's consumers are more discerning in their tastes and more educated in their choices. In an overcrowded world of coffee we're confident that many will choose Puro ... not just for the taste.

Polite Notice- Right now we are limiting distribution within Ohio unless other arrangements have been made.  Thank you!

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